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Jersey City, NJ

I Express Myself

Fatehbir, 9

I will sit quietly and write in my journal.

When I am happy, I laugh or smile.

If I am sad, I may shed tears.

If I am angry, I may stomp my feet or sit quietly in my room or shout.

If I am excited, I may say, “I wish this day was over” to get to what I wanted.

If I am really happy, I may start to cry because of my happiness or my laughter.

If I am surprised, I may open my mouth wide.

If I am worried, I may make a sorrowful expression on my face,

When I feel scared or frightened, I may make my face shiver a little or I may make a frown,

which looks like a banana upside down.

When I feel brave, I may open my eyes and stare at something and go to where I want.


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  1. I am not surprised since Fateh has always been a very sensitive child, mature beyond his years ! But I am definitely very elated to see his intrinsic capability to enunciate his emotions on paper so well. Look forward to seeing some more of such inner expressions from him. Great job indeed !!

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