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Luca Butler, 12
Austin, TX


Luca Butler, 12

It began from some bats
They say
It will pass with time
They say
Stay indoors
Dont go outside
They say
In China it began
Some panic ahead
No one knew
It would come to this
They ran
They hid
But soon it spread
Everywhere there's panic
Not knowimg what to do
There’s nowhere to hide
There’s nowhere to
It is everywhere
People are sick
Some are dying
Hospitals overwhelmed
People not knowing what to do
Presidents in lockdown
No friend for reasurance
No visits from your grandma
Grocery stores getting mobbed
No food left for us
Homeless in troube
No going out of town
Schools cancelled
Doors shutting
People turning on each other
At the time when we need each other most of all
And here I am
Right in the middle
Worried for my family
Worried for my school
And most of all
Worried for Me

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