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New Life

By Jeongwon Choi, 13

Hello, I am one of the many kids who are locked inside their houses. But not many of them might understand how I feel. I am from South Korea, and I came to India because of my dad’s work last year. Since I am away from home, I was kind of worried when I heard of a new virus and they still haven’t found the cure. Dad explained to me to not worry and that the virus is just in China. Besides, not all people die because of it. My mom and sister were all fussy about it and how they might get sick even if it has just started in China. That moment, I jokingly said that this virus is gonna take over the world and lead to WORLD DESTRUCTION . A few days later, well, that’s pretty much it I think. It’s spread all over the world, and it feels like nobody is interacting with anybody now. Life is… different.

First of all, we’re all locked up. A lot of people are groaning on my email and chat about how boring this is and how they want to see each other. Well, I guess it’s similar to me… but I am kind of enjoying this stay-at-home lockdown. I am more of a house person and I like the online school, because I don’t have to wake up so early and get dressed frantically. Well, erase that school part. The first few days were OK, since we were just getting introduced and I could listen to music. But suddenly, my gmail started vomiting homework and meetings. I didn’t know how to use all these new apps, or to do any of that. Now I’m kinda used to this, but I like the original school better.

The weekends are not much better. My parents make me do all this Korean work, saying that "India teaches differently than Korea" and that "you won’t get used to the Korean school if you don’t study these here," and also, they make me exercise every day saying "the weaker you are, the higher the possibility of getting Covid-19" even if we didn’t usually exercise before the lockdown. Also, they feed me vitamin D saying that I don’t get much sun. We also didn’t see much sun before Corona, but I can’t argue with them. One of the things about Corona I like is… Korea. It says all over the news that Korea is doing a great job, and death rates are low compared to how many people are in Corona. I want to say that I am VERY much proud of my country!

I wish other countries could do this way, and prevent as much damage as they can from this awful virus.



Jeongwon Choi, 13
Mumbai, India

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