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Prisha Aswal, 7
Portland, OR

Outside My Window

Prisha Aswal, 7

Outside my window,
Are trees,
And bees.
No one is out,
Because of coronavirus disease.
No crowds,
But clouds,
And a big black dog I see.
I miss what this place used to be.
Look far away there is a house,
From over here, it looks like a mouse.
My other window has a different view,
Squirrels running over the fence! Phew.
The butterflies are dancing around the flowers,
And the flowers seem happy to soak in the showers.
That brings a smile on my face,
As I start enjoying the days.
Only hi and hello no hugs.
This mask on my face does bug.
But it is important so wear we must,
Because doctors say that and them, we must trust.
It will save lives and let us help each other,
Because we are all in this together.


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  1. Beautifully and with feelings. great Job. Stay blessed always. Do well our Talented Bachha. We all are very proud of you. Mausaji

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