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April Yu, 12
East Brunswick, NJ

Perfect For Me

April Yu, 13

Slivers of moonlight
Leaking in through the glass
Pictures framed on the walls
Frozen in memories past

Stars freckled across
The milky indigo sky
A breeze lilting in the air
A gale, a gust, a sigh

Black cherries and freesia
april the enclosed space
Here I am, in my bedroom
Forever my favorite place

On paper, it sounds so cliché
But gazing at my rug of cotton
The beauty of this place
Can never be forgotten

Glowing, faceted jewels
Illuminated by strands of LED
Dresses hanging on my closet door
Organza, velvet, and ivory

It’s far from perfect
Full of tokens and knick-knacks
Items from garage and yard sales
Some of this, some of that

My sister and I went on a shopping spree
Bargaining, couponing, laughing
Running around all day
Giggling and photographing

We got gowns, books, and succulents
Most of it was impractical
But it brightened my room up so much more
In the end, it was rather tactical

My room used to be bare
White walls, a bed, and a desk
Articles of clothing clumped around
Oh, what a mess!

Then my baubles came along
Lighting up the room
Odds and ends here and there
The place was in full bloom

I’ll never cease to soar with pride
When I look around and see
The beauty of this resplendent room:
Unequivocally perfect for me.

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