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To the Wild
To the Wild (oil) by Sophia Zhang, 12; published in the July/August issue of Stone Soup

A note from Diane Landolf

Hello, readers!

I am no rider, but this painting from the latest issue of Stone Soup, To the Wild by Sophia Zhang, captures the spirit of adventure I’m feeling as I embark on my new role as Stone Soup editor. I first read the magazine when I was in elementary school, and I was blown away by the idea that kids like me could be published authors and artists. And the work was really good! Not just good for a ten-year-old or a twelve-year-old, but high quality by any standards. After more than twenty years as a children’s book editor at a major publisher, I am proud to be joining an organization that inspires kids to create and publish their own wonderful poetry, prose, plays, and artwork. I’m also happy to discover that, now in its 50th year, Stone Soup is every bit as good as ever.

Lucky for me, I came on board just in time to be part of judging our Annual Book Contest. The August 15th deadline is fast approaching, so don’t miss your chance to submit you novel, short story collection, or poetry collection for possible publication! I can’t wait to read your stories and poems.

Finally, don’t forget our monthly Flash Contest. Check the blog on Monday, August 7th for this month’s creativity prompt and submit your response.

Happy summer writing!

From Stone Soup
July/August 2023

The Fish's Song

by Sage Surra, 9

It was foolish to say it could be done.
The boat washing through the shimmering water,
the cannons loaded and ready.
The world could be a striking place to venture.
And as the Earth moved in long ovals,
everyone stopped.
The fish stopped darting
and all their thoughts were focused on the world
as the boat sailed and made a street to carry.
Then the fish started to twitch and swam forth
and everyone stopped peering through their windows.
Everything stopped watching.
and so the ocean rose
and the laws of gravity paused
and all the fish flew and took breaths and began to sing.
They sang of the life and death of the world.
The sailors clutched the sides of the boat.
The fish sang of longing and hope.

Click here to read "The Fish's Song" in full...

Our Annual Book Contest ends August 15th!

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