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"Snow Over Clouds" by Hannah Parker, 12 Published in Stone Soup December 2018

A note from Sarah Ainsworth

Having grown up in California, I can't say that I am very familiar with snowy, cold winters. But now, living in Canada for graduate school, it's something I am slowly getting used to. This week, I had a snow day, where class was cancelled-- a first for me!

This made me want to revisit some of the excellent work that Stone Soup has published over the years with wintery subjects.

From December 2018, "Snow in Clouds" (pictured above) is a beautiful photograph by Hannah Parker. Not only are the colors mesmerizing, but also the composition is very appealing. Hannah's photo follows the rule of thirds, which is a classic photography rule, but modifies it slightly by rotating it and having the subjects diagonal. The result is an eye-catching photo that served as a stunning wrap-around cover for Stone Soup.

There has also been some wonderful writing published in Stone Soup on the subject of snow. "Snowmen" by Sharon Wang, features some descriptive language that captures the atmosphere of a Michigan winter. Eliza Wagner's poem "Snow" uses spacing to create a rhythm that feels like you are watching snowflakes falling outside. And those are just two examples!

If you, like me, find yourself with extra time indoors this weekend trying to stay warm, I'd highly suggest going through the past issues of Stone Soup we have on the website. Maybe you have a theme in mind, or maybe you're just looking to explore the past issues generally. In any case, leave a comment on any stories, art, poetry or reviews that strike you.

Happy weekend,

Highlights from the past week online

Don't miss the latest content from our Book Reviewers and Young Bloggers at Stonesoup.com!

Daniel Zhu, 10, reviews "Undying Glory" by Clinton Cox. Read the review to find out more about the Massachusetts 54th Regiment, which was composed of Black soldiers who fought in the American Civil War for the Union army. Daniel recounts how the soldiers of the 54th Regiment were consistently treated unfairly, and what he thinks we should take away from the story today.

In "An Early Morning," new blogger Sophia Libman writes about a run she participated in with her dad and brother. Though it was challenging, Sophia enjoyed herself and writes that she "was smiling ear to ear" at the end of the run. Read more about Sophia's experience on the blog.

Steam Sabrina Guo
Sabrina Guo, 13

From Stone Soup January 2020

Huài shì hǎo shì (Evil Things, Good Things)

By Sabrina Guo, 13 (Oyster Bay, NY)

Every New Year’s Eve,
my friend tells me
she smashes six
on her lawn,
and when I ask her why,
she says it is because
she is Greek, and
when I want to
understand more
of what she means,
I read up on pomegranates
in Greek mythology,
discovering that after
Persephone was abducted
by Hades and joined him in
the underworld,
her mother Demeter mourned by
drying the Earth in a long, cold winter,
until Zeus arranged for
Persephone’s return,
but because Persephone had
been tricked into
eating six pomegranate seeds,
she had to return to Hades
to spend every winter with him
in the darkness, .../MORE

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