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Squash Fest
"Squash Fest" by Taeyi Kim, 11 (Seoul, South Korea) Published in Stone Soup November 2020

A note from Emma

How are you all doing? I have to admit that I am burnt out. I am tired of teaching my students over Zoom, tired of staying six feet away from others, tired of doing everything alone. 2020 has worn me down! I am hopeful that the news of a vaccine is accurate and that we will be able to resume something closer to our pre-pandemic lives soon.

Lucy Hurwitz’s short poem in the November issue really captures how I have been feeling most mornings. It reads:

Wrong side

I wake up on that side of bed.
My leg’s my arm,
My arm’s my head.

I love how Lucy takes a common idiom—"I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!"—and pushes it farther. It's not just that the speaker woke up "on that side of bed" (the missing "the" is perfectly disorienting) but that she is somehow "wrong" herself: "My leg’s my arm, / My arm’s my head." At the same time as it perfectly captures this feeling of waking up "off," it’s also funny!

This weekend, I challenge you to write a short poem like Lucy’s that is inspired by an everyday idiom. Here are a few you might consider using:

  • It takes two to tango
  • Let’s go back to the drawing board
  • That’s the last straw
  • I’m pulling your leg
  • I’m bent of shape
  • Time is money
  • Her head is in the clouds

And, since this is the last note we’ll write you before the holiday, I hope you all have a happy, delicious, safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Until next week,

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Lucy Hurwitz
Lucy Hurwitz, 10
Newton, MA

From Stone Soup
November 2020

Wrong Side

By Lucy Hurwitz, 10 (Newton, MA)


I wake up on that side of bed.
My leg’s my arm,
My arm’s my head.

. . . /MORE from the November issue


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