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Snowflake Hiding in Blues
Snowflake Hiding in Blues by Hannah Parker, 13 (South Burlington, VT)
illustrating "Northern Night" by Poppy Lowenthal Walsh, 12 (Minneapolis, MN)                                                                                            

A note from Sarah Ainsworth

I recently subscribed to a poem-a-day newsletter, and it has changed my mornings for the better.

I like how the poem delivered to my inbox each a.m. gives me a moment every day to slow down, think about something in a new way, and carve out time for reading for the sake of enjoyment. For a long time, I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck in a poetry rut—reading only the poets I know and like. This newsletter has provided me with a new poet every day, some from poets I’ve heard of, but many that I hadn’t. I don’t always like the poems, but it exposes me to writing I wouldn’t have otherwise found, and it can be helpful to take the time to discover what you do and don’t like.

Would you be interested in a similar newsletter from Stone Soup dedicated to poetry? Let us know!

I encourage you to take the time today to scroll down and read Poppy’s poem “Northern Night,” which is published in full down below, with a striking accompanying photo from Hannah Parker. Concentrating your energies fully on a poem, even just for a minute, feels like a nice change of pace from what sometimes feels like an increasingly frantic world.

Happy weekend,

Contest, Partnership, & Project News

We’ll soon be announcing an exciting contest in partnership with another writing organization—stay tuned!

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From Stone Soup, October 2019

Snowflake Hiding in Blues
Snowflake Hiding in Blues

Northern Night

By Poppy Lowenthal Walsh, 12 (Minneapolis, MN)
Illustrated by Hannah Parker, 13 (South Burlington, VT)

draws two silhouettes
walking side by side.
As the canvas of this heavy darkness
turns to this silent night
I gaze
into the sky’s sweet face
sprinkled with freckles of stars.
The crickets sing
and spread their wings.
Whose song, they ask,
is most true?
It’s true
when the day fades
there’s a special way
that the sky is
the brightest blue.

Our Fall Fundraiser, 2019: The Refugee Project

We are raising funds to support the production and publication of creative work by children in refugee camps around the world. We have almost reached our preliminary target of $5,000 to support a special issue of Stone Soup and associated projects—and we want to keep going! You have already helped us fund workshops in the Za’atari camp, Lebanon, and put us in touch with other organizations we can work with to expand our efforts.

Please help us raise the money to continue this work. You can read more about this initiative at our website and help us by sharing the link with others. Thank you.

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