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Rainbow Lake
"Rainbow Lake" by Sage Millen, 12 (Vancouver, Canada). Published in Stone Soup September 2020.

A note from Sarah

I want to start off this newsletter by highlighting Sage Millen’s breathtaking photograph from this month’s issue. I encourage you to spend some time taking in the mesmerizing, almost otherworldly landscape that Sage has captured.

Then I also want to remind you that if you're interested in helping out with our new Publicity and Outreach Community, we'd love to have you! You can fill out the Google Form here to let us know your contact information and how you can help.

I’ve been working the past few months on developing the Stone Soup podcast, which is very exciting. Hopefully it will be released soon for everyone to hear! This work has meant that I’ve had the pleasure of revisiting a lot of the stories and poetry read aloud on our Soundcloud account.

Reading aloud is not as easy as it may seem. It’s a skill that requires a lot of practice. For your weekend project, I suggest that you take a piece of writing—maybe something you’ve written or a piece that you really enjoy—and read it aloud a few times. Try not to rush yourself. Read it deliberately and carefully, keeping in mind a listener who may be hearing it for the first time.

Think also about what kind of inflections suit the story or poem. If there’s dialogue, do you give each character a different voice? A different accent? Or do you want to maintain the same tone throughout the story? These are things you can consider when reading a story aloud, and it changes the way we understand and interpret a piece.

Listening to audiobooks might give you a better idea of different ways that reading aloud can be done. Make a note of which elements of audiobooks you like, and think about how you could incorporate them into your own reading-aloud technique.

You can record yourself reading—or not, if you don’t yet feel comfortable. If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you can organize a Zoom reading between your friends, family, or classmates. Let us know how it goes!

Until next week,

Stay Tuned for Next Month's Flash Contest

Every month we hold a flash contest based on one of our weekly creativity prompts. Take a look at this month’s prompt and the winner here. And keep an eye out for next month’s contest!

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Leila Lakhal
Leila Lakhal, 12
Seattle, WA

From Stone Soup
September 2020

Our Blanket

By Leila Lakhal, 12 (Seattle, WA)

Everyone has their own opinion.
But it is not okay
To say to me that I am wrong.
That I am bad. That I have no place here.
Because I just said that I am Muslim.
We are not terrorists. Not the
Awful people the media depicts us as.

Every group has people who don’t follow the rules.
The Islam I know teaches me:
Don’t harm a hair on their head.
No matter who they are.
No matter what they say.
But it is not okay to tell me that I have to say sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Saying sorry for all those rule breakers that gave you a false image.
Tear that image away.
Underneath you will see something beautiful.

. . . /MORE

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