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Callum Hicks, 12
New York, NY


Callum Hicks, 12

The electric blue buzz of the computer screens.
The soft hum of the machines keeping us alive.

An evil cackle of a monster behind me, casting a shadow on the cold concrete.
My legs break in half like breadsticks.

The masks I am wearing.
They let me breathe.
Living history as if it’s some sort of consolation.

The shrill voices.
The pressure.
The drone.

The whir of white noise.

Author's note: The poem plays on both definitions of the word "static." It's about the sounds of quarantine during Coronavirus and also the fact that I had to stay in one place. I thought quarantine would be quiet and boring but it has been the polar opposite! I wanted to convey the loudness and chaos of my quarantine experience. With all of the FaceTimes and the Zoom calls and the texts and emails, it's been overwhelming.


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