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The Impact of Coronavirus on my Daily Life

By Patrycja Wanat, 13

So far, COVID-19 has influenced my daily life immensely, and I know for a fact that it has affected other people's daily life tremendously as well. I now have online school, can't gather with my family and friends, and there are queues in every shop, and additionally where I live, in Poland, starting on April 16, everybody must wear face masks whether they want to or not. I consider it a wonderful idea: whereas yes, healthy people don't have to wear face masks, but you never know if you have the coronavirus or not–in a lot of cases, people can't notice that they do, they recognize they have it whenever it's too late.

The changes that are beneficial are that COVID-19 has decreased air pollution levels. For example, I can observe in my city where I live the changes in the sky, it's cleared from the smog and it's more pure in tone than it ever was. Another change that's positive is that as more and more people are staying at home to practice self-isolation, pet adoptions from shelters in Poland have seen a huge increase as folks look for companionship in stray cats and dogs.

The disadvantages of COVID-19 are obvious–people are dying from it! No one has found a vaccine for it, people can't visit their families and friends, and in my area where I live, one big disadvantage is that people are losing their jobs. Like most countries, Poland has closed its borders, and that's why nobody can send any packages to another country, nor receive them. The economic crisis is going to be the biggest one yet.

The thing that makes me most anxious when I think about COVID-19 is how poor countries that cannot afford all the medical equipment cope. I'm very grateful and lucky that I have a phone and I can contact my friends and family, and that I live in a country that has all the medical equipment.

The thing that makes me most hopeful are the news on the TV that give signs of hope, like I heard recently that China appears to believe it’s brought its coronavirus emergency under control. News like that make me want to have a little faith and belief that the self-isolating is working, and that maybe soon we'll see a colossal decrease of cases of COVID-19.

A particular experience that represents a change to my life most recently was whenever I was at the shops with my mum, and we were in the queue waiting patiently, until one woman started yelling at an elderly lady, shouting “Move! You're too close to me! Everyone listen up! This lady is blowing at my hair!”. That lady didn't stand so close on purpose, she didn't even realize. The angry woman should have said it normally to the elder woman that she's too close, not disrespectfully shout at her so the whole shop heard her!

A quick summary–coronavirus had a huge impact on everybody's life.



Patrycja Wanat, 13
Rajsko, Poland

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