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Cali Davis, 9
Manchester, UK

The Reason for our Smiles, the Amazing NHS

Cali Davis, 9

To all our heroes helping out during this illness,
Your bravery and selflessness deserves our respect,
For all you have done and all you will do,
We have been brought together and that's thanks to you.

The stars are shining brighter with every waking hour,
You're saving lives, risking your own and for that you have the power,
Words can't express the gratitude we feel,
You're the sun in our eyes and you make our sadness heal.

We all await the day for our lives to go back to how they were,
But for now let's appreciate each other and be grateful for what we share,
Soon enough this will be a faded memory and the hardships will be less and less,
One thing that will never be forgotten is our unsung heroes, the NHS!

Editor's note: For readers not based in Britain, NHS = National Health Service

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