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Giselle Stern, 11
Sunnyvale, CA

The Shot

Giselle Stern, 11

Don’t throw away your shot
Opportunities received
Fleeting like the wind
Seize it while you can
Be a rising star
Rise up with the shot
It’s just a leap of faith

Albert Einstein, a shrewd scientist,
Leonardo da Vinci, a radical Renaissance man,
Michael Phelps, a swift swimmer,
Ludwig Beethoven, a creative composer,
Alexander Hamilton, a founding father,
They didn’t throw away their shot
The hotshots rose up to the rooftops

Jonas Salk invented the Polio shot
Now everyone searches
For a covid shot
To cure the sick
And stop the spread
We are seizing the shot
To protect the community

When you seize the shot
And rise up like the sun
When you ameliorate a problem
Have a celebration
Take a Fanta shot with friends
And remember
You didn’t throw away your shot

A poem inspired by a song–"My Shot," from the musical Hamilton.

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