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Ahana Chandra, 11
New York, NY

To the Year of 2120

Ahana Chandra, 11

Did you know, there was once a storm,
rising by the months? It teared apart the

lives of dear ones, traveled across the world, and left many
fighting for survival. The warriors who went out into the storm,

faced the battering of exhaustion while trying to save the
lives. Still, they kept on going, kept on

fighting for survival. The many hungry people, lining up for
food, jobs lost, on the news. They all were

fighting for survival. The signs on the windows, the chalk on the
streets, all indicating the blossoming hope to encourage the ones

fighting for survival. The whispers of the lost echoing in one’s
soul, they were sacrificed to the

fighting for survival. The quiet voice of the protector, bearing the weight of
protection for the beloved, feeling no one would listen to their efforts

fighting for survival. The booming voice of authority, assuring the people
everything would turn out alright in the

fight for survival. Do you ever wonder how we emerged from the
ashes? That, you see, is for the future to tell

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