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Tough Times

by Aarush Iyengar, 12

Tough times are here,
So keep your loved ones near.
Be happy and sing a song,
When you feel the days are long.
Keep your spirits up in different ways,
Work and play inside, eat a bag of LaysⓇ
Don’t freak out, don’t go crazy,
Do what everyone does best, just be lazy.
Sleep longer, watch TV,
Do anything you want, you are free!
Play video games and exercise,
Stop worrying, like other guys.
Use this time as a break from life,
Get away from all of its stress and strife.
Read a book, become smart,
Maybe even do some art.
Instead of being nervous, enjoy these days,
And remember, this won’t last forever, it is just a phase!




Aarush Iyengar, 12
Schenectady, NY


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  1. Thats fantastic poem Aarush.. Very proud of you and very thoughful… keep writing and keep rocking…

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