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Very Unusual

Tracy Shi, 11

Everybody is at home in the House
Siblings shouting at each other every day
I think my eardrums would break if I had eardrums, says the House.
The TV used so often now
I’ll never be able to have a break if I keep being used every five minutes exclaims the TV.
Very Unusual

Books are now being stacked onto tables taken off of book shelves
Being read everyday over and over again.
I've never been used this much, says many books.
Something is out of place
Very Unusual

I used to be used every day in the morning and afternoon
But now I just sit in the garage says the car all lonely.
The only time I'm used now is when going to the grocery store.
Nobody is rushing to drive to send their kids to school, everybody is all at home.
Very Unusual

People wearing masks wherever they go carrying hand sanitizer
Disinfecting everything from doorknobs to furniture and floors.
Very Unusual I say

The streets are quiet,
Not the usual traffic that comes around this time.
When I go outside I can feel the wind in my hair–
The birds chirping happily perched in their unbothered trees.
As you can see the Earth is quite happy at this time
“Alas I can rest some more before it goes back to what it was before” replies the Earth.
Very Unusual

This is the street, empty, but usually at this time there’s a lot of traffic.

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