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An update from our fifteenth Weekly Writing Workshop!

A summary of the workshop, plus some of the output published below

The Stone Soup Weekly Writing Workshop is open to all Stone Soup contributors and subscribers. Every Friday, we meet for an hour-and-a-half via Zoom to respond to a new writing challenge, write together in our virtual room, and then share what we have written with one another.

Our conversation on July 10 was attended by young writers from across the US, as well as in France and the UK. Our topic was “writing with alliteration” and how alliteration can enhance what we write. (Alliteration is where the words in a sentence start with the same letter. For example: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.) We started off by reading a few tongue twisters, since most tongue twisters rely on alliteration. Next, we listened to the opening measures of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, since they contain a rhythm that repeats itself over and over again, similar to alliteration. We also thought about using alliteration in a more precise way, and how we can put it into certain places in our writing to give off a specific effect. To see how this worked, we all found a story or poem that we had written and tried to add alliteration to it. After sharing out a few examples, we then set out to create a new piece of writing which used alliteration. Read on below to get a feeling for some of the powerful writing we were given a glimpse of in this session!

The Participants: Allie, Rhian, Liam, Enni, Nami, Maddie, Simran, Sophia, Peri, Shreya, Kanav, Ma’ayan, James, Raeha, Janani, Heather, Gracie, Ally, Abi, Lena, Simone, Charlotte, Sneha, Tilly, Anya, Madeline (x 2!), and more...

Araliya, 11
Sandy Hook, CT

Ted the Terrifying Tiger

Araliya, 11

Ted the terrifying tiger

Tiptoes through tangled trees

His twitching tail thumping.

His terrible teeth terrifying turtles.

Who tumble away.

Anya Geist, 14
Worcester, MA

Raindrops That Rattle the Water

Anya Geist, 14

rain drops

rattled the water

sending rolling hills of ripples

far, far out into the lake.

the water itself

was a grinning sort of grey

not gross,

but fresh and free.

kids sat on the dock, on the raft

watching rainwater splatter down

onto the worn wood


and then the monumental clouds

the monoliths, the master of rain

shirked off, sliding out of the sky

the water was blue

and kids burst into it

soaking themselves as

their splashes were the new

rain drops

that rattled the water

Peri Gordon, 10
Sherman Oaks, CA

The Waterfall Place

Peri Gordon, 10

A waterfall dove down into a rushing river, vivid in color, reflecting the calm cerulean sky. The land was lush, and lagomorphs would launch into the air and back down again. The waterfall watched as it steadily streamed down, down, down until it reached the beautiful body of the river. Surrounding the river were ponds, perfect pools of water in which ducks would float as gaggles of geese grazed the surface. It was a pleasurable area, precious as a pearl, picturesque as a painting. There was never a cloud in the sky, nothing but blue, with the exception of rare rainbow beams.

Sophia Hou, 10
Short Hills, NJ

Penelope Pricklebottom

Sophia Hou, 10

Penelope Pricklebottom was a particularly peculiar porcupine with prickly purple spikes. Penelope pondered, passing time under a pine. The sky shimmered and the sun sat high. She smelled something, sugary and sweet. Perhaps a papaya, parsnip, or pistachio pie? Piano prodigy Penelope Pricklebottom surmised she had perfect performances, others simply said a single word: pompous.

Kanav Kachoria, 11
Potomac, MD

The Dry Desert

Kanav Kachoria, 11

Everyone knows about the dry desert. Its soft sand and drifting dust flings into the air making the sky so unclear to see. It rarely rains in the dry desert, as there still is not even a wet wonderful cold drop of water since 10 years ago. The torching temperature can reach up to 115 degrees some days, maybe even higher! The rattling snakes and small scorpions raid the desert. You don’t want to come close to them, as they will make you suffer severely stabbing pain everywhere in your body. It’s a whole different world out there, so beware beware of the dry desert.

Madeline Kline, 12
Potomac, MD

Art Contest

Madeline Kline, 12

The first one I pass
Flower field with towering trees
The second one I pass
Dreary day with boring books
The third one I pass
Cantankerous child throwing torturous tantrum over delicious delicacies
After I pass more
And time for awards
Blue ribbon goes
To Cantankerous child
Because torturous tantrums

Are relatable realitiesmmmm

Madeline Nohrnberg, 13
Cambridge, MA

Silver Swans

Madeline Nohrnberg, 13

Seven silver swans
Silently swim seaward
Swooping softy,
Steadily, swiftly
Out into the opaque open ocean
Gracefully gliding home.

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