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Colin Kaepernick playing for San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 9, 2012. Photo by Mike Morbeck (courtesy of wiki commons).

If you do not follow either football or politics, then you might not know who Colin Kaepernick is. He is a former NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers who now cannot get a job in football. The reason? He knelt for the national anthem to draw attention to the unfair treatment of African-American people across the country. Boom. He lost his job. NFL teams say that he is not good enough, but he is clearly better than other quarterbacks standing in for their injured leaders. Who would you rather have on your team: Tom Savage (Houston Texans) or Colin Kaepernick? When DeShaun Watson tore his ACL, who started the next game for the Texans? Tom Savage! Let's give some credit to Tom Savage, though. He has a pretty cool name. When Packers' QB Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone, who did the Packers send in to replace him? Brett Hundley. And on Brett Hundley's first throw, he threw it and it landed softly in Xavier Rhodes' hands! Unfortunately for him, though, Xavier Rhodes is on the Vikings. Better luck next time, Brett.

No team--not the Packers, not the Texans--has tried to sign Colin Kaepernick. No NFL player, coach, owner, or executive can honestly say that Tom Savage or Brett Hundley is more talented than Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is 30, while Tom Savage is 27 and Brett Hundley is 24. Tom Savage and Colin Kaepernick don't have a very significant age difference. You could try to make the case that Hundley is a promising prospect, but in my opinion nothing is very promising about him. When a reporter asked the Packers' coach Mike McCarthy about replacing Brett Hundley with Colin Kaepernick, Mike McCarthy was not very happy. “Did you just listen to that question I just answered? I got three years invested in Brett Hundley. Two years invested in Joe Callahan. The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be. OK? We’re fortunate to have a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. We’re committed to the path that we’re on. We need to play better as a football team.” Source: ESPN.

Today, so many players have kneeled or protested. A few weeks ago, some teams did not even come out of the tunnel during the national anthem. Michael Bennett, the Seattle Seahawks' defensive end even sat for the national anthem. The entire Green Bay Packers team locked arms for the national anthem. Why has nobody dropped those players? Colin Kaepernick has recently filed a lawsuit against the NFL based on what happened to him. Isn't is wrong to lose your job just because you peacefully protested your rights?

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