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Will it Ever End?

Cora Burch, 13

I wish we could all calm down.
The bright sky
We brought from this
Is sinking beneath the clouds of fear
We wrought.
Tell me, mother–
Will it ever end?

Canned beans and soups
Stock the pantry full
Yet it is not a war
Not an earthquake
We are facing.
Tell me, mother–
Can we come together without
Coming together?

Will we walk upon the earth
Hand in hand
Learn to hug again
To laugh together without
Six feet between.
I often wonder-
Tell me, mother-
Will it ever end?

Or will we simply have to wait forever?

Cora Burch, 13
Van Nuys, CA

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  1. Well done Cora, getting published in Stone Soup!!
    You are very creative, we love the poem, so glad we got to see it.
    Mary and Chris

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