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Kai Gajilan Fowler, 10 (Leonia, NJ)


Kai Gajilan Fowler, 10

Bright, so bright 

But Lonely, and tired. 


Lonely from being isolated for so long 


Tired of being bruised and battered and scarred 

And yet 

Bright, so bright, 

The fight is bright,  

Filled with light 

But stressed, and fretting. 


Stressed for surviving any longer with pain inflicted every touch 


Fretting for the sake of lives 

And yet 

Bright, so bright, 

Tonight is bright 

Filled with light 

But crying, and calling. 


Crying from burns and scrapes 


Calling for others, others alike, others who don’t hear 

And yet 

Bright, so bright 

The world is bright 

Filled with light 

And trying with all of its strength, 

Trying for us 

Trying for the others alike 

Trying with hope at heart 


Hope for us 

Hope for them 

Hope, for all. 

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