Machu Picchu Viscachas

Priscilla Chow, 8 (Palmetto Bay, FL) Machu Picchu Viscachas Priscilla Chow, 8 My family and I traveled on a train from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Once we got there at noon, we spotted two Machu Picchu viscachas on a wall. I asked our tour guide why there were squirrels there and he said that they’re […]

Spartan Education

Sparta’s ruthless education may have been controversial, but it made them into one of the most battle-hardened city-states to ever walk the earth. The Spartans’ notoriously tough education allowed them to become one of the largest military powers of their time, even though their population was relatively small. Although Spartan education was brutal by modern […]

How do people predict the weather?

It all started on a chilly Wednesday night when my mom and I were looking at the weather app because we wanted to check if it would rain the next day. My mom and I noticed that there was a warning saying it might snow the next day. I was uninterested but had some hope. […]