The Thrilling Race, by Mason Li

I woke up on a hot sunny day, looking up at the ceiling.  ”It’s time,” I said to myself, “triathlon time.”  I got out of my bed thinking, “triathlon.”  I got into the car still thinking, as I s….l….o…w….l…y fell asleep.  As I woke up to the sound of the car stopping: ”Are we there […]

The Roots of Our Peace, by Meleah Goldman, 10

Meleah Goldman, 10 (Oakland, CA) The Roots of Our Peace Meleah Goldman, 10 When I think of peace, I look to nature. I have spent so much time during this pandemic looking outside of my large, clear window. In the background, I can hear the worldwide marches of Black Lives Matter on my television. While […]

The Sky’s the Limit, a personal narrative by Jaslyn Kwan, 12

Jaslyn Kwan, 12 (Palo Alto, CA) The Sky’s the Limit Jaslyn Kwan, 12 Goodbye San Francisco, hello Tampa! Ever since COVID-19 started, I had been stuck at home along with everyone else. Being able to finally travel to places other than the local grocery store gave me a feeling of freedom. I was heading off […]