About the White House

This year I watched the whole election. I have wanted to know what it’s like to live in the White House. I’ve heard there are like 50 bathrooms. I want to know the truth about living in the White House. History The White House was built on October 13, 1792. The White House and its […]

Zoom Sagas, creative nonfiction by Stella, 11

Stella, 11 Zoom sagas Stella, 11 “I ain’t never used this alien program!” —Darlene I The only thing my sister could see of her second grade teacher for the whole first week of school was Mrs. Watson’s eyebrows. She couldn’t hear much either. Probably because Mrs. Watson had all twenty-nine kids’ microphones unmuted. So you […]

A Brief History of Pasta

Pasta is one of my favorite foods. For years it has been an easy, convenient meal for me and my family. Recently, I was boiling some pasta and I was wondering, what was exactly the history of this tremendously tasty food. I did some research and discovered the long, complicated past of noodles. Pasta is […]