Autism by Joao Fernandes

Autism Autism by Joao Fernandes Table of Contents Famous Autistic People Why is Autism Weird or Aggressive? Information about my brother Sergio Why I wanted to help John Facts about me (Lilly Marzec) Information about the author Glossary   We know that these pictures can be hard to read, so we’re including a transcript of […]

Cat Pictures by Children!

These are three very different approaches to making pictures of cats. But, what they have in common are the dynamic personalities of the cats that were models for the pictures. Each looks at us, as cats do, with their unique expressions.  These pictures come from Oman, Lithuania, and Germany. Mother Cat with Kittens, Rafiaa Mouhamad Zaman, age […]

Children’s Art from Switzerland

These paintings from children in Switzerland were created in the 1960s. We particularly love the old fashioned zoo scenes  where children ride elephants. Two street scenes from the city of Basel show a clear winter day and grey winter day. Both are wonderfully evocative of a city in winter in Northern climates. Note the fabulous old […]