Will it Ever End? a poem by Cora Burch, 13

Will it Ever End? Cora Burch, 13 I wish we could all calm down. The bright sky We brought from this Is sinking beneath the clouds of fear We wrought. Tell me, mother– Will it ever end? Canned beans and soups Stock the pantry full Yet it is not a war Not an earthquake We […]

We Are Strong, a poem by Georgia Marshall, 11

We Are Strong By Georgia Marshall, 11 Fires burning across the globe Porcelain crashing True loves forced to see each other, only through windows. And when the sky is falling Through a cracked glass mirror, We have only a ray of hope Shining through the storm. We can find a way to breathe again, If […]

My Dream Goes On, a poem by Ethan Zhang, 7

My Dream Goes On By Ethan Zhang, 7 Before my basketball dream comes true, The coronavirus began to sweep through. I hope I can be back at the court, To play for my team at our fort. I hope this invisible defender will be defeated, The arena will again be lightened. It seemed now everything […]

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