The sounds of Covid, a poem by Daniel Shorten, 9

The sounds of Covid By Daniel Shorten, 9 Water running from the taps Arguments from the sink – who goes first? The grownups are whispering, worried All of those numbers, day after day The thrush song is louder than before The virus is silent.     Daniel Shorten, 9 Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland

An Unexpected Journey, a poem by Abhi Sukhdial, 12

The Unexpected Journey By Abhi Sukhdial, 12 I was having fun Completely relaxing And as happy as can be. Talking to friends and laughing And eating lots of chocolate When suddenly Lightning struck out of nowhere Silent, but deadly And soon I see the school close For the rest of the year What? I say. […]

Coronavirus Haiku, poetry by Amy Richman, 10

Coronavirus Haiku By Amy Richman, 10 Coronavirus I am lonely now because I am at home Coronavirus Friends to see in the morning No I can’t no more Coronavirus I will try to stay strong now I know I can fight Coronavirus I am stuck inside for now I want to get out Coronavirus But […]