September 2021

The Chess Game

I make a move. His bishop falls down. Well, there goes his queen and her shiny crown. My knight soars through the air, stealing the square of his pawn without any care. My pawns are in a line. Minutes pass by. My position is fine. I’m playing my best, my position is great, and then […]

A Strand of Hair

i had my first strand of white hair at thirteen it was an ordinary day turned into an un-ordinary day mom was combing my hair i was daydreaming, blissfully unaware when mom told me her finding my heart screamed and screamed how could this be possible? it simply could not be! i shook my head […]

How to Clean the Hallway

Scrub the wall to form froth, then coat it with water like the coastline after a wave. Soapy water will slide down to the floorboards. Sit down at the edge of the water, hold your shawl with one hand, and dry the floor. Be careful not to get water in between the tiles. Pull out […]