September 2021

The Woodpecker

 The woodpecker pecks at the tree peck, peck, peck with a calming sound as I walk by. I wonder what it’s looking for (bugs? ants?), so diligently pecking at. The bird is yellow, a bit smaller than a hawk. He seems to look at me, for a second. Then he flexes his wings and […]

The Tree on the Lawn

Beneath the protection of its strong branches, I hear birds chirping and singing their songs. The leaves rustle as squirrels race to their nests. The tree is high, thick, and rough. There is a bud of a flower on top of the leaves that I hope will bloom one day. And I see some birds […]

Fly with me!

~Sylvia If the sky is blue, then fly with me! If the sun is bright, then fly with me! If the sea is rough, then fly with! If you have wings, then fly with me! If the wind blows through your wings, then fly with me! Come here and fly with me! ~Parwana The sky […]