Editor Emma Wood interviewed for the #readingwithyourkids podcast – on originality and submissions

Stone Soup Editor Emma Wood talks to Jed Doherty (aka Jedlie) about the inspirational and original work produced by kids, how she thinks about children’s writing and art, and what kinds of submissions get her most excited. You can go straight to the audio interview here: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/c/c/f/ccf31ad5ea1ead24/Emma_Wood_Stone_Soup_Magazine.mp3?c_id=22044047&cs_id=22044047&expiration=1532076120&hwt=4587d17ee81751c92987f781645b4836 And you can read more about the Readingwithyourkids […]

Editor Emma Wood on what makes a great submission

Our Editor, Emma Wood, was interviewed by Jim Harrington for his “Six Questions For…” series,  where editors and publishers discuss writing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novels. It’s a short interview, but they are great questions! Read the full page, via the link below, and find out what Emma revealed about what she looks for […]

Writing Process: Sounding the Key Word Outline

Years ago, when I was doing contract negotiations for a small advertising agency, the CFO gave me some good advice at the start. Always know what you’re talking about, she said. If you do, you’ll do fine. I’d never negotiated contracts before but nevertheless, was placed to work for their biggest client, JCPenney. I renewed […]

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